Entry points for Bitcoin

Bitcoin on the D1 chart is in a huge sideways with boundaries of 29000 – 62000. And the price is now right in the middle of this accumulation. In such cases, it is usually not recommended to trade, because in the sideways in the middle, the price can go as you like. But these recommendations


Bitcoin Keeps Sideways Movement

On Thursday, September 9, at the end of the day, bitcoin closed in the black by 0.75%. The BTC/USD pair remains in a sideways trend with the boundaries of $45500-47400. Given that the market is thin, sellers can easily move the lower limit by $44500. The price has been in a sideways trend for almost


BTC/USD forecast. Bitcoin Price Reaches 9-Day High

The bitcoin price on Thursday reached its highest level since September 7, when a significant downward correction occurred. However, the main cryptocurrency has lost some of its positions against the background of the strengthening of the dollar and the fall of stock indices due to expectations of the beginning of the curtailment of monetary incentives.